5 Things You Need to Know About Hot Water Systems

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Hot Water is a very essential service, especially during the cold season. From prices, installation FAQs to top brands, we have explained things you need to know before proceeding with hot water installations in Sydney.

Besides natural gas, there are two primary water-heating methods that are connected to LPG: electric and tank. These are electric water heaters and gas water heaters.

New electric storage systems aren’t a viable option due to regulations aimed at reducing energy consumption and waste.

The electric storage system uses heating elements to heat a tank of water which can be anywhere from 25L to more than 400L depending on the property. As these systems are not 100% insulated there is always the potential for heat loss, which can be quite expensive in an electric storage system.

Tank heaters are much larger than instantaneous heaters, and the latest models are becoming more popular, mainly due to their compact and energy-efficient nature.

5 Things to Know about Hot Water Systems in Sydney

Energy Efficiency

As yet, the labelling of energy-star ratings isn’t regulated by the government. It works in the same way that it is for fridges and other appliances.

Ask your retailer or installer for details on combustion efficiency and do your own research. Aim for a 6+ or 7-star rating, since a higher rating indicates lower running costs.

Water-heating tanks are well insulated, but as nothing is perfect, there will always be some heat loss over time, so it’s best to install them in an insulated spot or possibly in a sunny area.

Hot Water Systems Purchasing Options

You have lots of purchasing options to choose from. From department-style electronic and household retailers, to specialist stores, and the manufacturers direct. As with any big purchase, shop around for three quotes once you’ve decided on the gas hot water system that’s right for you.

Best Brands for Gas Hot water

One of the best-known brands is the Rinnai Infinity 26. Vulcan, Rheem and Dux are also popular hot water systems. Customer reviews and advice from an installer will help you make an informed decision. So, visit the product comparison and review websites for further information.

Installation Costs $$$

Installation costs vary greatly by the size of the job. If you replace the current hot water tank with another of the same capacity and in the same location, the installation costs can range from $275 to $700.

Also, changing the location of the hot water service in the house or on the property may cost as much as $1100 to $2500 depending on what plumbing or electrical work is needed.

Temperature Control Feature

Temperature controllers allow you to set the hot water temperature you like. Turn on the hot tap and enjoy, no more matching hot to cold!

Set the perfect temperature, switch on the hot tap, and enjoy – controllers reduce water wastage and temperature fluctuations.

Since the liquid mass maintains its temperature in a reasonably stable manner. The gas storage tanks are very quick to recover from temperature fluctuations.

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