How Long Does Water Heater Installations Take?

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Plumbing problems are never easy. When toilets plan to back up, they do so without consulting us. Additionally, leakage. Let’s not even begin to discuss leaks! They still seem to manifest themselves at the most awkward moments, don’t they?

However, water heaters win the award for the most troubling conditions. Anyone up for a cold shower? You better not have an unreliable hot water system. Fortunately, arranging a water heater installation is a simple and straightforward method.

Prior to installing the water heater, you’ll need to make a few decisions. Given the typical lifespan of a water heating device is about 10-15 years, chances are you are unaware of the newer, more energy-efficient systems available.

Today’s devices give homeowners more choices than ever before, ranging from 50 gallons to tankless. Consult with a member of our plumbing team to determine the best system for your household’s needs.

Since installation time, expense, and energy use differ according to the device, being aware would eventually save you time and money.

And, whilst we’re on the subject of time, how long does it take to finish a water heater installation? Again, the scheduled time can vary according to the device you choose.

Simply replacing the existing water tank with a comparable system would save you time and money compared to building a modern tankless system, which could take extra construction time.

So, how long does hot water installation takes?

Generally, an experienced plumber will have your hot water system installed in about 3-4 hours where complications do not exist. Here is how the process works;

  • 50-70 minutes  in removing the olds hot water system
  • 30-40 minutes in bringing in and setting up the new hot water tank
  • 50-70 minutes to connect the water as well as power sources to the hot water system

A good plumbing company will always align with your schedule. They will always get the most out of the time and respect your value for money. Hot Water 2 You is a reliable service providing hot water installation and repairs services to Sydney residents. Contact us today and our team of licensed plumbers will help you out with your problem.

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